8 Steps to Break Your Sugar Addiction Fast

Sugar is one very dangerous, but very appealing ingredient. We just cannot seem to get enough of it. In fact, we enjoy it so much, that the average person consumes at least 500 extra calories of sugar per day. But is there any harm to this sweet addiction?8-Steps-Break-Your-Sugar-Addiction-Fast-

Most people are surprised to learn how harmful a sugar addiction can be. Consuming excessive amounts of sugar has been linked to serious illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, elevated cholesterol levels, cancer and can even impair your cognitive health! One thing is certain, we need to break our addiction to sugar, and we need to do it quickly if we want to live healthier lives.

Breaking a sugar addiction is, however, much easier said than done. If we take the time to read the ingredients of the foods we eat, we would be shocked actually to see how much sugar is included in just a small portion of food. To make matters worse, we often have relentless sugar cravings throughout the day. But do not despair, all hope is not lost.

There is still much we can do to break this harmful addiction before any serious damage is done. Here are 7 steps to break your sugar addiction fast:

  • How to Stop Eating Sugar As Fast As possible

1. Acknowledgment

This is the first real step in recovering from any addiction. You first need to acknowledge that you have a problem. Take some time to research how much sugar you need per day. Then compare the sugar content of some of the desserts you love with the daily recommended amount and let that sink in. I am sure you will find that your dessert probably contains two to three times more sugar than you should consume per day. And that is not the only sugary thing you will crave that day. Once you have recovered from the shock, take some time to analyze how your existing medical conditions are linked to your sugar addiction. This kind of eye opening experience is often what is needed to spur you to action.

2. Identification

The next step is to keep a food diary to access just how much sugar you consume per day. Keeping this diary for a few weeks will help you get the best picture of what needs to be done. Identifying triggers that force you to consume more sugar is another important step in breaking your addiction. Is it a particular time of day or perhaps stress? Finding out what triggers your cravings will help you learn how to gain control over the desire to consume more sugar. If walking past a particular store will stir up your desire for unnecessary sugars, walk the other way. Now is the time for drastic measures like these.

3. Substitution

Like any other addiction, a sugar addiction is not one that you can get rid of overnight. Those painful cravings for chocolate and cupcakes will drive you crazy if left unchecked. One simple way to gently coax your body into breaking this addiction is to substitute harmful, unnatural sugars with sugars from fresh fruits. The sugars we get from fruits are far less harmful and can sometimes be just as sweet as the harmful sugars we crave. Replace your bad habits with good ones. Another great suggestion is for you to substitute carbonated beverages with water or even fruit flavoured water if you like.

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4. Clean Up

Most of the calories we consume unnecessarily can be avoided if we do not keep any of the sweet treats we like around our home. So as hard as it may seem, you will never be able to break your addiction if you do not get rid of these sugary treats. As much as you try to convince yourself that you will be strong enough to control yourself, please remember that this is only your cravings talking. You are more likely to yield to temptation if it is right there in your home since you have already let your guard down.

5. Battle Strategy

Once you have seen what is at stake, you will begin to see that this is a fight you cannot afford to lose. Your family depends on you and you already have a high life that you wouldn’t want to give up. That means you have to devise an effective battle strategy to ensure you win this war against sugar. That means you need a plan for your cravings in various settings. What can you focus on to keep you on target when your co-workers decide to eat twinkies at work? What can you do when your date suggests that you get dessert? Think ahead and plan accordingly. This is an excellent time to make use of your food diary.

6. Establish Your Support Group

You are far more likely to succeed if you have the support of your friends and family. If they know what you are trying to accomplish and are willing to work with you to achieve these goals themselves, then you are far less likely to yield to temptation. They will work hard to avoid putting you in situations that will arouse your desire to consume too much sugar. This is one of the most important steps you can take.

7. Heal the Damage that has been done

Your sugar addiction has probably left you with a few scars. Now that you are on the road to recovery, you will be in better position to heal the damage that was done to your body. The most likely result of your addiction is gaining a lot of extra weight. Obesity has its dangers so getting rid of that excess weight is definitely a priority. One excellent supplement for weight loss is Synedrex. If you read the Synedrex reviews, you will realize that this is one weight loss formula that works. Taking this supplement and getting more exercise is the sure fire way to get rid of that excess weight.

8. Do Not Give Up!

A relapse is not evidence that you have failed. Acknowledge your mistake, identify what lead to it and put out every effort to avoid making that mistake again.

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