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The journey started with only one but now its a team! We focus on weight loss issues to help you provide all necessary information, guides etc and ease your journey to an attractive figure. All the information we share are research-based and tested by others. 

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Authors List 

emre turhanpropic

Emre Turhan

Emre is a University of NottinghamNutrition & Food scientist who enjoys writing nutrition related articles/blogs in free time. His area of expertise include sports nutrition, healthy eating, supplements and loosing weight.

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megha mahajanpropicMegha Mahajan

Megha is a nutritionist, blogger and health expert in the field of health and nutrition.

She has experience in health industry as weight loss counsellor, Diabetic counsellor , ebook writer, diet planner for various diseases. Her aim is to create awareness and promoting optimal lifestyle among individuals.

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FC Bester

Lets hear directly from Mr. Bester-

I have participated in more than 70 marathons of 26 miles or longer since, I started running and had to train very hard in the gym, on the road, on the track and cross-country races.



[expand title=”Read my story”]The nearest I came to running, was on a sports field and of course playing games like,  badminton , squash, cricket and rugby. Then there was the army training as well. I absolutely hated the idea of running on a road, but always watched the Comrades marathon on TV. If you want to know more, let me know. Then I moved from the City to the Country and something happened that fascinated me.

Teeing off during my Saturday golf game, one of members of the four ball told us that he had just run a standard marathon of 26 miles. He surprised me no-end and played better golf than me, despite running up and down the hills.

That day a seed was planted in my brain; that started to grow. I started running around the block and gradually built the distance up to eventually a half marathon that is about 12 miles or 21 kms. I started running in fun runs, met up with real runners, joined a running club and discovered that their ultimate goal was to run a Comrades.

[pullquote align=”left” cite=”Francis Bacon” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”8″]I will never be an old man. To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am. [/pullquote]

The seed was planted and the plant was slowly growing in my sub conscious that maybe I could someday possibly join my mates and compete in the 54 mile race between Durban and Pietermaritzburg.

2 years later, at the age of nearly 44, I participated in my first Comrades. That is a story for another day. I have participated in more than 70 marathons of 26 miles or longer since, I started running and had to train very hard in the gym, on the road, on the track and cross-country races. #Not sorry for one minute that I did as it also changed my life style.

FC Bester (better known as Chris),  Nelspruit, South Africa[/expand]

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tijanaPejovic Tijana

Born in very small, but amazingly beautiful country. Since she was a child she loved to write and won few contests. Her biggest love of all are the animals, then traveling and writing.

She ended working in tourism where she had traveled a lot. As she loves animals, she is an vegetarian and have issues with keeping her body fit. She is raised in “meat eating” country with not too many choices for vegetarians.

Traveling helped her find a lot of information and many tips how to keep yourself fit even if your life style does not give you too much spare time.

All diets that she was using and now recommending to others are also checked by her friend who is a doctor. Pejovic would love to help to everybody to stay in fit, beautiful and most of all healthy.

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ProfilePic2Alexandru Ionescu

He enjoys reading and writing which keep him busy and allow him to experience the many different aspects involved when talking about life, society and culture.

He is a fan of living with care for our bodies and thus he goes jogging as often as he can and on a regular basis he go es swimming and gymming.

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