3 Most Popular Home Exercise Equipments for Weight Loss

These home exercise equipment are the popular one that are well known for weight loss campaign. Losing weight fast has always being a challenge for the obese people and to those who want to look fit. However, we should have a look at the options which most of the people use for staying fit or reducing their weight, they vary from person to person as per their choice.

Burning a lot of calories in a gym has always been a preference but due to busy schedule and late night work, most of us miss this part. Now if we think about the available options, after considering some valid reasons for not visiting a gym or running early morning, you will find that still we are left with some of them.

If your concern towards weight loss doesn’t let you sleep properly then you can go for some of the best home exercise Equipment for weight loss. Listed below are the 3 most popular home exercise equipment, which can really help you to shed some pounds regularly.

  • No1 Home Gym Equipment : Treadmill

best workout machine
Treadmill is the most popular and most acceptable home gym equipment. A treadmill provides very efficient and effective workout, without any specific time limitation or hectic schedule. You just have to start with walking and then as per your convenience, increase your speed, stamina and timing on the treadmill. Once the speed is increased along with balance, you can start running on it to lose weight at a higher pace.

However, you certainly want to have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using a treadmill and I am going to list them down so that you may think on each and every aspect and then decide about the best home exercise equipment for weight loss.


  1. This best exercise equipment for home is user friendly and easy to use exercise equipment, which can help losing weight at home.
  2. Smooth surface will give you comfort in walking, risk of tripping also reduces, which may happen in case of walking on a rough surface or when you are suffering from illness or for the old age people etc.
  3. Workout is totally in control of you and as per your requirement. It is possible to incline it; increase the speed and the do energy calculations through your workout, therefore it is being considered as the best home exercise Equipment for weight loss.
  4. You can manage your timings of exercise according to your schedule and that would help you to do it regularly.
  5. If this workout machine is at home, other members of the family may get inspired and may use it to lose their weight.
  6. Some of them even have the feature of heart rate monitor to track your fitness progress.
  7. Your calories burn faster on a treadmill than going for a walk, so it’s an easy way to lose your weight at home.
  8. You can also fit the treadmill timings even if your schedule is very tight; just watch news and other programs on television while running on a treadmill and save time.

Running on treadmill satisfies your primary concern of losing weight. Thus treadmill is being considered among the best home exercise equipment for weight Loss.



Let’s have a look at some disadvantages too:

  1. Your desired model of this home fitness equipment might be expensive and heavy on your pocket.
  2. A lot of space is required to set a treadmill. More a treadmill is sophisticated, more is the amount of space it takes and generally they are non-folding in structure.
  3. You may be ending up with some dollars every month on its maintenance, as its maintenance requires professional handling.
  4. Sometimes sound of loud motors coming from some models of treadmills might be disturbing.
  5. Your physical exercise is restricted to walking and running on a treadmill, so some of you might get bored after a long time.

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  • No 2 Best Workout Machines: Elliptical Bike

home exercise equipmentIt is also known as the elliptical machine and is very popular home gym equipment. Elliptical bike serves the purpose of cardio-equipment availability at home and it helps in simulating walking and running motions and reducing the impact on your joints simultaneously. It might prove a good choice for those who are already running and want to change their exercise to reduce joint stress.

People love to run on a treadmill but want to have some variety in their exercises. Most importantly, the elliptical bikes have a heart rate monitor attached to their grips to facilitate different heart rate training exercises, due to these features it also comes in the category of best home exercise Equipment for weight loss.

Usually no one gets hurt through these cheap exercise equipment as they are having lower impact and you can use them safely for a smaller period of time. The pedal creates an increased pressure on the front end of your foot; this may cause your toes to feel numb after exercising for half an hour. However, it doesn’t cause any harm to your body as you could feel the difference between any other exercise equipment and an elliptical bike.


  1. It may be the best home exercise equipment for weight loss to the people who are looking for some cardiovascular workout on recovering from an injury, or help people looking for variety in their daily workout routine.
  2. Elliptical bikes allow the user to stride in reverse direction also; this adds a new cross training effect to your workout. It may be dangerous if you try running backward on your treadmill, you may hurt yourself due to loss of balance.
  3. If your elliptical bike is having moving arms, then they might result in increased calorie burning workout and you can have a full body workout experience.
  4. Use of elliptical machine is safer for higher intensity exercises and this is another feature that help it to come under the best home exercise Equipment for weight loss.


  1. There is a lack of hip extension on elliptical bike and this may result in reducing efficiency and performance of the runners or may even lead to injury. It’s also a problem for non-runner as too much time spent may cause muscle and joint imbalances due to flexed position on an elliptical.
  2. Most of the elliptical machines cannot be adjusted for size, that means whatever your shape or height is, you will be doing work out on the same path of movements that is being set by the machine.
  3. Lack of the muscle activity on the combined effect of the muscle that supports ankle and flexes it upside, with the anterior pelvic tilt, may lead to increased problem.
  4. Medial hamstring muscle group is found in your thigh, at the back, is also less active while you are using elliptical bike for exercising than going for a normal running daily. It is due to the fact that your legs travel in a path set by the elliptical machine, resulting in less usage of hamstring muscle.

If you just need a cross-training exercise or you want to go for a purely cardiovascular workout, then the elliptical bike is a good choice. If you intend to use elliptical bike as the only workout then it may cause muscle imbalances or may alter your movement pattern resulting in undesirable joint stress and soft tissue stress also.

An elliptical may become your best home exercise equipment for weight loss if your primary target is to get your heart rate up through a workout, however, we cannot neglect the part that they are also potentially expensive

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  • No 3 Home Fitness Equipment: Recumbent Bike

exercise machine for weight lossA decent effort on a recumbent bike can provide you a loss of weight. You just have to overcome the resistance and maintain a steady and intense speed to train your heart and burn calories. It will strengthen your lower body and it is actually a good option for those who are unable to use upright bikes due to problem in their shoulder.

The recumbent bike is different from the traditional bikes as it positions you to sit back while pedaling with your legs out in front. They help you increase your strength, reduce weight and also provide cardiovascular workout at the same time. Recumbent bikes really have a huge fan following nowadays and thus it is sometimes being considered as the best home exercise Equipment for weight loss.


  1. If you do some cardiovascular workout regularly, it will help in regulating proper blood pressure and a decrease heart rate and also make your breathing easier by strengthening your lungs, ultimately resulting in improving ability to use oxygen by your body. However, before doing any such workout you need to consult your doctor.
  2. Recumbent cycling is a much safer option than the regular upright cycling as it provides you with larger seat, good back support and comfortable lower height, a boon especially for elderly people who cannot ride an upright bike.
  3. Using Recumbent bike results in causing less hip and knee pain, as it causes less stress on your hip or knee and can be proved helpful to the people suffering from arthritis or hip problems.
  4. The design of a recumbent bike is bio-mechanically much better than the upright bike, leading to a comfortable cardiovascular workout and making it the best home exercise equipment for weight loss.
  5. The support and comfort you get while sitting in a reclined seat position might enable you to cycle for longer time than on an upright. This may result in getting a better and intense workout; this will ultimately help you to achieve your fitness goals.


  1. Experts suggest that an upright exercise bike will provide you more intense workout when compared to a recumbent exercise bike as it includes more muscle group exercise, resulting in burning of more calories.
  2. Space used by a recumbent bike is more than an upright bike and they are more expensive also.
  3. Movement restriction applies, you cannot move much and your position is stable.

Now you just have to spend few minutes, exercising on any one of the machine and you can easily manage to lose weight without disturbing your busy schedule. You should try out these exercise bikes at least once, at a gym before taking decision to purchase it for your personal use and having a belief in your heart that these three are considered as the best home exercise Equipment for weight loss.

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