Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews & Buying Guide

The talk of the town today is…. “We need to stay fit.” You need to shed those extra kilos… And keep yourself fit and healthy. To stay so there’s nothing like a planned and scheduled workout for your entire body. But before you decide on your workout schedule you need to decide on the equipment that would keep you going for that extra minute while caring for your comforts as well. Biking is known to be one of the leading cardio vascular as well as muscular work out.

However, with the wrong choice of equipment it can have disastrous effects on our body causing muscle and back pain accompanied by fatigue. So let’s go through some top notch equipments of this genre in this recumbent exercise bike review that you would love to work out on, gaining tangible results in just a few days.

Why this recumbent bike review?

When I first tried to do some research to buy myself a recumbent bike I got really irritated by the partial and specific product oriented exercise bike reviews that are available on the net. So I will try to give you a very holistic approach towards the most highly featured and advanced equipments in this recumbent exercise bike rankings.

We are not going for any specific product. You need to get a very broad impartial view of the specifications and quality of these products and then decide your pick according to your expense.

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The bikes that I have included in this review are some of the latest tech certified equipments that are available at very affordable prices with heavy discounts only on Amazon delivered to you at free of cost with a guarantee of your satisfaction (with money back offer).


High Range Recumbent Exercise Bike Comparison

#1 Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Bike

After researching through many recumbent exercise bike reviews I came upon this product. It is furnished as per a semi recumbent platform that includes padded seat, patented two-degree inward slanted pedals, and lower back-supporting backrest, adjustable seat and handlebars along with a built in fan. It is equipped with a 9” LCD control that pre-loaded with two heart rate programs, two custom programs and six standard programs.

Best Recumbent Bike reviews

The equipment accessories include pulse grip and chest strap heart rate monitoring system (straps being included in the pack), MP3 compatible sound system and custom oversized pedals with CB resistance. Its unique design has a very classy look.

Measures30 x 50 x 50 inches (W x H x D)
Weight152 Pounds
Weight Limit300 Pounds


  • Workouts should generate maximum results not compromising your comfort. The unique low impact design of the bike will surely makes the schedule comfortable.
  • Reduced stress on joints makes it very ideal if you suffer from foot or joint issues.
  • The unique patented 2 degree inward design of the foot pedals assures correct posture for your body
  • Minimizes pain in knees and to your lower back with the padded adjustable seat with its supportive back.
  • The display of the control panel is bight and crispy and the controls are easy.
  • The six standard, two custom and two heart rate programs are handy in planning out your workout schedule.
  • The design is itself pretty classy with smooth finishes. The heavy steel tubing along with aluminum shroud makes the frame very strong a durable yet light weight.
  • Comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for frame ad 3 years warranty for Electronics and parts


  • Pricing tends to be high.
  • Frame is quite large and heavy.

Price and Coupon

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#2 Diamondback 910SR Fitness Recumbent Bike.

I would definitely rate this equipment as the most featured bike in comparison to other products that are short listed in this recumbent exercise bike review. This exercise bike comes with a 910 SR LCD display which delivers a real time feedback.

Diamondback 910SR Fitness Recumbent Bike


It is equipped with a adjustable back rest with a mesh seat assembly. The control system comes preloaded with 35 programs and the resistance is equipped with 32 levels ensuring a lot of variety in the workout schedule.

As a very impartial recumbent exercise bike review this bike is one of the top tech equipment because of its design and the varied levels of work out that is preloaded I it. The console has an iPod, iPhone and iPad compatible media bay with USB power port and 30-pin Apple connector for charging. 0.14” headphone jack offers the ability to play your own music through the built-in speaker system.

This Diamond Back 910sr include a polar wireless heart rate receiver monitoring system and a built in fan for cooling. The varied options provided in the unique design makes it one of the better gym equipment in this recumbent exercise bike review.

Measures23” X 50” x 64”   (D X H X W)
Weight152 Pounds


  • The recumbent design of the bike is very economical and makes it very comfortable.
  • It minimizes stress on sensitive parts of the lower back and surrounding area and distributes weight evenly. The control interface is very simple and the dashboard is quite easy to understand.
  • The assembling of the equipment is quite easy even without the use of the manual and the mounting and dismounting feel like a breeze when compared to other models.
  • The built in music hub is variedly compatible giving you a great music experience even during the workout.
  • The varied levels of resistance along with 35 preloaded programs are handy in planning out a good workout schedule
  • The manufacturer provides a limited lifetime warranty on the frame and a 3 years warranty on parts.


  • The equipment is quit heavy weight. So moving the equipment after assembly would be a problem.

Pricing and coupon

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#3 Diamondback 510SR

The Diamond Back 510 SR is designed on a recumbent platform equipped with a 510SR LCD display. It is designed with a sculpted seat base and back support along with adjustable console and arm rest and a quite frictionless eddy current braking system.

Diamondback 510SR

The LCD display comes with a real-time feedback, Quick-Set program keys, and scrolling message center. It has an Integrated speaker system with mp3 connectivity; foldout magazine rack; adjustable cooling fan; cup holder. The controls include 20 workout programs including target heart rate and 16 levels of resistance. The media bay has a 0.14” input jack for Mp3 and iPod playback with USB port.

It is equipped with hang grip heart rate sensors.

Dimensions :  23” X 50” x 64” ( D X H X W)
Weight :125 pounds


  • The Diamondback 510 is uniquely designed to take the pressure off the back and reduces jarring impact to the joints while delivering extremely effective aerobic exercise.
  • The low impact workout is good for joint injuries and chronic pain.
  • It has a full service media center with speakers.
  • It comes with easy operate and read LCD display.
  • It maintains an ultra-quiet operation thanks to its smooth and quiet frictionless eddy current braking system
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame and brakes and a three-year warranty on the parts.


  • The equipment is quite large and heavy.
  • The pricing tends to be high as compared to products with similar features.

Pricing and Discount

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#4 Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Exercise Bike

This recumbent bike comes with a comfortable padded seat and back rest assuring great comfort during the work out. It is equipped with electronic battery-operated multi-function monitor that measures speed, distance, calories burned, and pulse. Belt-drive train and adjustable flywheel for a smooth ride built-in pulse measurement on each handlebar.

Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Exercise Bike

It is designed with both upper hand pedals and a low foot pedals for full body workout. It has an adjustable seat back with a sturdy frame and a quite magnetic resistance. The tension knob is adjustable up to 08 different levels. It offers a low-impact aerobic and cardiovascular workout that easy on the joints. The equipment is quite sleek in finish and compact in shape.

Dimensions  :50” x 24” x 49” (L X W X H)
Weight :117 pounds
Weight Capacity :250 pounds


  • The dual pedal system (upper body hand pedals and the lower body foot pedals) ensure a full body work out due to its pushing and pulling movement.
  • The equipment is designed to target major muscles in thigh, hip and buttock area along with upper body muscled by the rotating handle bars.
  • The silent magnetic resistance ensures a smooth and quite operation.
  • The equipment is quite compact.


  • Does not come with preloaded workout programs.
  • It is not equipped with adequate resistance levels.
  • Dos not come equipped with any media hub.

Pricing and Coupon

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Medium Range Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews:

#1 ProForm Hybrid Rower / Recumbent Bike.

I have found this equipment to be one of the most uniquely designed and eye candy in comparison to all other products included in this recumbent exercise bike review. This equipment is a hybrid dual trainer design of a bike cum rower equipment.

ProForm Dual Trainer Bike-Rower

This equipment comes with an adjustable ergonomic padded seat mounted on a aluminum seat rail. It is equipped with a large LCD monitor, SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance and a Soft Touch Ergonomic Handle. It has adjustable Ergonomic Padded Seat, Footrests with Adjustable Straps. It is preloaded with 24 onboard workout programs along with 20 resistance levels and target pacer. It has a space save fold away design. It is equipped with a inertia enhanced flywheel.

Dimensions :38.3” X 79” x 20.5”  (H X L X W)
Weight :275 pounds
Weight Capacity :350 pounds


  • The dual trainer designs works for both rowing as well as bike workouts.
  • Complete body work out is possible with the equipment.
  • The silent magnetic resistance offers a very quite operation.
  • The large widow LCD display comes with RM meter and a target pacer.
  • The unique fold away design saves a lot of occupied space


  • No media bay included in the design that could have been possible with the large LCD display.
  • Equipment is quite heavy even with the easily transportable front wheels.

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#2 Body Power BRB6000 Deluxe Magnetic Recumbent Bike.

I would consider this product as one of the most compact product in comparison to the other products in this recumbent exercise bike review. The equipment provided for a laid back work out experience with the padded back rest and seat assembly that adjust horizontally to accommodate different size users.

Body Power BRB6000 Deluxe Magnetic Recumbent Bike

It is mounted with a three colored LCD display with MP3 support and touch buttons that shows distance, time, heart rate, calories burned, & more. Programmable Exercise Console Features 17+ Training Programs including Hand Pulse/Heart Rate Monitor. It is fantastic laid back exercise equipment ideal for home use.

Dimensions22.25” x 46.5 X 66.13” (W X H X L )


  • It comes in a laid back design to maximize comfort during workout.
  • 17 fitness programs add variety to your schedule
  • Magnetic adjustable resistance is quite smooth and silent
  • The equipment is very compact in design and lightweight.
  • The seats assembly adjusts horizontally accommodating different sized users.


  • The seat assembly is quite small and hence can become a bit uncomfortable.

Price and discount
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#3 TruPace V-330 Exercise Bike (Large)

This product may not be such an eye candy as other products in this recumbent bike exercise review but it gives you the a complete cardio workout experience from the comforts of your home.  It has semi-recumbent design with dual color back-lit LCD display with 4 user profiles.


It is equipped with wide cushioned seats and comes preloaded with 22 workout programs. The media bay is I-Pod and MP3 compatible with an integrated speaker system. It is quite compact and space saving.

Dimensions  :15” x 15 X 20” (W X H X L )
Weight :97 pounds


  • The product is very compact and lightweight.
  • The wide cushioned seat provides more comfort during home use.
  • The compact footprint allows easy placement at home.


  • LCD display not so catchy

Price and Coupons

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#4 Nautilus R-614 Recumbent Bike.

This would be the last product that I would like to include in this recumbent exercise bike review. This equipment has a very spark design and you would find the comfort and back support of a chair with the fitness benefits of biking.

Nautilus R-614 Recumbent Bike.

The product is equipped with a Dual Track™ display 2” LCD monitor that display time, calories and distance in two different areas so you can view your favorite entertainment while keeping track of your workout. It is mounted with 20 resistance levels and is preloaded with 22 fitness programs along with a grip heart rate monitor.

It features a charging USB port along with a data export feature to or for goal tracking. The equipment also includes in-console speakers with an MP3 dock, a media shelf for your book or tablet, and finally, a heart rate sensors built into the ergonomic handles.

Dimensions27” X 50” X 64” (W X H X L)
Weight93 pounds
Weight Capacity300 pounds


  • It provides with padded seat with lumbar back support. The easily adjustable fan keeps you comfortable throughout your workout.
  • The high-inertia drive system, high-speed with perimeter-weighted flywheel provides a consistent, smooth ride.
  • The seamless syncing feature with gives an added benefit of goal tracking.
  • Varied workout routines can be planned as per the various preloaded programs available
  • Dual display LCD ensures availability of both entertainment as well as feedback during the workout.
  • One of the most affordable product with a variety of features in comparison to the other products mentioned in this recumbent exercise bike review.


  • The media bay is a bit low on compatibility.
  • The LCD display and the control interface are quite bulky and confusing.

Pricing. The market price of the product is 399$. However, the product is available from Amazon at a discount of 43% for 300$ that includes free shipping to your doorstep. To know more about the product and get it delivered to your door step order this product now by clicking on the image.

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Which one we recommend most?

After a lot of research on the particular models that I have shortlisted as the top contenders for this year I would particularly pin-point towards Diamond Back 910 SR in the high range models and the Nautilus R-614 Recumbent Bike. in the medium range models as the best and most valued for money products. Thus for me these bikes would be the best recumbent exercise bike in 2015.

How to get a good deal while buying the bike that you like.

As I have previously listed in this recumbent exercise review that these bikes are available at a high discount only on Amazon thus making them very affordable.

Amazon ensures timely delivery of the genuine product right to your doorstep without any shipping charges so that you do not have to visit he fitness store where you are more often than not misguided by the sales person into buying some specific brand or model of the equipment.

It also saves you the entire transportation cost to your house. Amazon also ensures that genuine equipment gets delivered to you on time, or you can claim your money back.

To conclude, in this recumbent exercise bike you are likely to get a summarized and impartial quick view towards the features and major aspects that you would consider while buying a new recumbent exercise bike. So this time when you plan to buy an exercise bike you do not have to look through hundreds of exercise bike reviews to find the best exercise bike suited for you at an affordable price.