Ultimate Weight Loss Tips for Men and Women

weight loss fast at homeOur current lifestyle needs one commitment, the commitment to change. To lose weight fast has now become a challenge and in search of the correct action, we are ready to try even that we have hated the most.

Our modern life and increasing use of technology is making it easy to eat and drink than performing physical activities that people use to do earlier. Thus, to lose weight fast at home, it is necessary for us to change our current habits.

Eating less would definitely help, even when eating healthy food also you should eat less and simultaneously getting more active physically is now the need of the present time. Drastic dieting and excessive exercise that may result in rapid weight loss, doesn’t work for long, as these cannot be maintained throughout.

However, slight change in diet as well as physical activities in daily routine will help you a lot and they can easily become a part of your life. As far as diet is being concerned, some healthy switch-ups in your daily routine will help you a lot.

This Best Weight loss Tips/guide covers-

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  • Natural ways to be in shape.
  • List of Healthy foods for healthy body
  • Some weight loss Exercise to try at home
  • Machines for home workout


Firstly, you should reduce the eat-out plans of restaurants per week and stop buying snacks at a grocery store routinely. Visiting them once or maximum twice a week will help you to reduce your cravings for the snacks. Never skip your breakfast, eat about 300 calories of a healthy food, a mix of protein and whole grain can be a better option for you. Sandwich lovers can go for natural peanut butter and apple butter to keep their hunger down and snack less throughout the day.

Ice cream lovers may face a big problem because you should replace it by lower calorie snacks like roasted sunflower seeds or Special K Chocolaty Delight cereal.

You can even shed pounds by adding vegetables to the foods like pizza with toppings of arugula and green peppers instead of pepperoni. Don’t opt for large-size meals, if going for fast food, a small order of fries or a six-piece box of chicken nuggets would be a better option.

However, you can also budget your calories for some treats that you love by eating healthy snacks like carrot and hummus daily and still go for a piece of chocolate or a glass of wine in parties. If you still need some more chocolates then go for those having more cocoa and less sugar.

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  • Some facts about Fats related to losing weight


Researchers of Georgia State University says that Brown fat tissue or “good-fat” helps in communicating with brain through sensory nerves, might be to share information important for fighting human obesity.


The inferences were published in the Neuroscience Journal and it helped to explain the communication taking place between good fat tissue and the brain, while generating heat.

There are two types of fats in our body:

White fat stores the energy for later use and hence increases the risk of issues related to health, while the brown fat is being referred to as the healthy or good fat. Brown fat helps in burning of calories to generate heat and energy used by our body.

Thus, arriving to a conclusion that a person who has a healthy metabolism is has an active supply of brown fat and less amount of white fat.

Fat Burning foods for fastest weight loss


According to the study, when a tissue of brown fat was being activated by the help of a drug that help in generation of the same type of sympathetic nervous system messages as generated actually by the brain. The result shows that the brown fat responds to it by activating sensory nerves.

This shows that brown fat is an active organ and is important for the process of metabolism and researchers have found a new pathway of communication between brown fat and brain. It shows the brain about things like the amount of heat generated, how much energy is being used and stored and also about how much fat we still have or we have lost it.
Similar studies show that brown fat have the capability to burn energy and can become a tool to fight obesity. Some people even have the evidence that if one is having more amount of brown fat, then he definitely has a healthy better metabolism. They have less chances of becoming diabetic and are trimmer also.

Try some natural yet fastest ways to lose weight …

Going out for a walk with your dog for just 10-15 minutes will also help you reducing many pounds. For better results your dedication towards losing weight needs to be clubbed with some regular workouts, as diet cannot do it alone as a weight loss tool — you have to pair it with the right workout and right timing for the same.

You have to select one bed time and then make sure that you are on bed at that time. However, your body will prepare for sleep at after a certain period of time. You have to be strict with your time table for everything and avoid using coffee after 1 or 2 pm.

Going to bed doesn’t mean that you can watch television for long hours, bedroom should be dark enough and also at a pleasant temperature to make you sleepy and comfortable.


Exercise Never Fails …

When it comes to exercise, some people may think that it is much easier to practice for a balanced diet for weight loss than going daily for intensive workouts. No matter what, a fat burning exercise perfectly keeps your mind and body fit.

oldest client to trainer

You can try these exercises at your home for keeping yourself fit. It won’t waste your time and you can absolutely fit these into your busy schedule too.

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  • Leg Lifting Exercise: Just lie down on a mat facing the roof and start the exercise by sticking your leg to each other and then try lifting them upwards close to your belly. Now put them down again spread them wide and then again lift them close to your belly. Repeat the procedure by putting them down then stick them and again lift them upward close to your belly. You can continue this exercise for 30 seconds to a minute and feel burning of fat after some days. This exercise is good for your abs and legs.
  • Leg Lifting Exercise: Just lie down on a mat facing the roof and start the exercise by sticking your leg to each other and then try lifting them upwards close to your belly. Now put them down again spread them wide and then again lift them close to your belly. Repeat the procedure by putting them down then stick them and again lift them upward close to your belly. You can continue this exercise for 30 seconds to a minute and feel burning of fat after some days. This exercise is good for your abs and legs.
  • Flat Belly Exercise: After completing the leg lifting exercise turn to face ground and stretch yourself straight keeping your hands in front. Now you need to lift your upper body and lower body by balancing on your belly. Now keep yourself straight for 30 seconds feel like superman flying in air and then repeat this exercise once more after resting for 30 second. This will help tone your tummy effectively.
  • Inverted V Exercise: Now remain in same position and place your hands on the ground along with balancing your body on toes and hands. Now move your toes towards your hands till your body shape looks like an inverted V. Go for it for only 30 seconds and then repeat it again with a gap of 1 minute. It will improve your lower back, arms and core.
  • Frog Jump (Squats) Exercise: In this exercise you have to stand straight with a gap between two legs and it should be not more than your shoulder level. Now you have to sit with your knees bend as if a frog and then jump straight with your hands straight up above your head. Do this again for 7-8 times and you will sweat even in winters and your heart starts pounding.
  • Push-ups: It is a very good exercise to lose arm fat; men can go with proper push up while women can start with only knee push-ups. You have to lie down on your hands and lift your chest up also your legs should be straight and resting on half bend foot. This is your starting position.Now you have to bend your elbows so that you go down and then slowly make your elbows straight.Then you bend your one knee till it touches your elbow, while resting and balancing on the other and doing the same with the other leg.This completes the exercise and you have to repeat it for at least 5 times in the starting and then gradually increase the number as per your convenience. It’s for developing strength in your arms and core.
  • Leg Rotation Exercise: This is really a good exercise to lose your inner thigh fat and for your abs. To start with this you need to stand straight and put your hand at the back of your head. Now lift your right leg to your waist level and rotate in circular motion while keeping your knee bent at waist level.
    Do this for about 10-15 seconds only and then move on to the next leg for the same. It’s really a challenging weight loss exercise and you should try it.
  • Jump Rope Exercise: You must be well aware about this exercise, it is a popular one and very effective. Take your jump rope and start jumping for 30-40 seconds daily and then after some time you can increase the number. You should jump with your both legs at once.


These exercises will just take about 5-10 minutes only and you should do it regularly in the morning with empty stomach, leading to burn your fat in an easy way. It is suggested to take a very short break of 10-15 seconds after each exercise if you wish.

Gym or Home?

Some people prefer going to a gym for exercises than trying them at home. However, to a certain extent it is absolutely a good decision to join a gym to lose weight quickly. If going to gym matches your schedule and you have sufficient time to spend there doing heavy workout or intense exercises, and then you should try it.


Otherwise, apart from the above mentioned tips and tricks, you should try some machines that may fit as per your schedule and mood. Yeah you have got it right, I am talking about losing weight fast at home.

Let me tell you a short story of one of my obese friend who was very desperate to lose weight fast. Now the story in his words:

‘Sometimes after coming from office, I find myself so tired that I skip going to the gym and ended up resting on my couch watching news and doing other stuff. I can’t gather courage to move out to gym for my regular fitness exercise.’

‘If I am feeling so tired and find this regular gym going schedule very hectic and boring then is there any other way to lose weight fast at.’

This question was not letting him sleep properly!!!

If he thinks about covering that up in the morning, He feel too disturb to adjust exercises in his busy schedule. Sometimes he finds it too irritating and he thought to give up.

When he shared this thought with his gym trainer, he came up with the suggestion that if he is unable to visit gym daily due to busy schedule or any other reason, then he should purchase a treadmill or a stationary cycle and continue the weight loss program at home.’

The suggestion worked for him, he purchased a treadmill and is happy with it, losing weight fast at home. Also this suggestion became beneficial to several other people with similar problems, in the past few years. Instead of losing hope and quitting your exercises, it’s time to change the rules of the game.

If you are desperate to lose weight fast but unable to go to gym on regular basis or you are unable to do so due to your busy and hectic schedule, treadmill and similar other weight loss machines like stationary cycle or step mill are the answers to your need.

These weight loss machines have several benefits when compared to going gym regularly and doing management of your busy schedule all the time. Now you do not have to worry about rain, snow, sleet, and blazing sun or pitch black before going for exercise.

If you have any of these weight loss machines, no matter what the weather or time of day it is you can still get in a workout. Also you don’t have to worry about the path, where you are stepping and whether the terrain is full of snow, trash, dog poo or stones. You can count on your machine being smooth and safe, which can also help you avoid injuries.

Weight Loss Machines for Men and Women

machines for weight lose

These weight loss machines are also safe for them also; who are afraid of doing exercises in your neighborhood, and you can still burn calories safely at your home. By using incline feature in treadmill, you can manage burning more calories and tone up your booty and legs in an effective way.

Latest treadmills are coming with new and improved features, where you can do several workouts at your home without any difficulty. You can also customize the intensity of your workout by controlling the speed of the treadmill and lose weight fast at home.

If we talk about the step mill, it is very good for heart and provides good cardiovascular health without any stress on your joints while using it at home. However, the number of calories burnt on the step mill is more than walking outside or running in the park, if used for the same amount of time at your home.

Also there is no doubt in saying that indoor cycling help a lot in cardiovascular workout and it provides you stamina to continue working well, even in your seventies. For that, you have to start slowly and cycle only for 4-5 minutes until there is no pain. Then you can increase the pace accordingly and enjoy healthy life.

Want to start, then just go for it and purchase any of them now to avoid giving up your exercises. You can warm-up with the 5-10 minutes exercise and then add a treadmill, step-mill or indoor cycling and its ease permits you to even watch television or read a book, while doing your workouts. Follow the diet plan and continue to live a healthy life with the best answer on ‘How to Lose Weight Fast at Home’.

Need Motivation? Watch this video and get proper inspiration for sticking with weight loss plan.

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