Weight Loss Diets for Women

Proper diet is very important for every weight loss. There are many weight loss diets, but nobody is able to tell you which one is the best. Also, it depends from person to person, what works for me does not mean that it will work for you. The thing is if you do not see results for 2 weeks do not continue, just move on and start the other one.

Weight loss diet woman

When you are choosing the diet I strongly recommend to avoid the ones that are promising unreasonable results, the most realistic ones are usually the most efficient. Also, in order to lose your weight, your calorie intake needs to be lower than the calories you burn. I would recommend making a diary. In this diary you are going to write all the calories that you took. Even if this sound hard, every packed grocery has a calorie count written.

With fruit is little bit different as it is not written, but for example 100 grams of banana has around 90 calories, 100 grams of apple around 50 calories. Than egg white has 50 calories, yolk around 60 etc…

Anyways, for your journal you can always find this information on the internet (I got mine from the Wikipedia) and this is how you will keep the track of your calorie intake.

Now we need to clarify how to count how many calories you burn – you will easily do this with calorie burn trackers which can easily be found in any better equipped sport or electronic shop for very affordable prices.

Popular & Effective Weight Loss Diets for women

Now I am going to mention some diets that worked for some people that I know:

  • Potato diet” – many people that I know were using this diet and they lost the weight. Of course that I was not there all the time and I was not able to know if they are strictly respect the rules of the diet, but I was witness that they did lose the weigh. Also they did not feel weak during the whole program (potato is full of celluloses which gives a lot of energy and body is able to continue with daily routines). The other thing why I like this diet is because it is vegetarian and gives you opportunity to clean the body. You can find online many potato diets, but as I said before, use the meal plans that are promising reasonable results only (1 kilo per week, 8 kilos for 2 months);
  • “Meat diets” or “Protein diets” – They are many nutritionists who are claiming that protein rich diet can help to lose weight. They are also pointing out that this does not include processed meet (such as salami, pate and the others). I found very good reviews online for these kinds of diets, but I do not have anybody who personally told me that had this diet. If your intake is only meat (let’s say that you are taking only meat with no fat) without carbohydrates, in a way makes perfect sense that this diet can work. As proteins have at least twice lower calorie count than fat and you are not taking any carbohydrates, your body should start burning your muscles which will cause the weight loss. My only suggestion here is that you do not take these kind of diets for too long;
  • “Calorie count diets” – These diets are focused on certain amount of calories per day. Many of them that you find online will give you meal plans on daily basis in order not to exceed the number of calories that you are allowed to take. I really find this most reliable way of losing weight as you will have your piece of mind;
  • “Vegie and/or fruit diets” – These are the diets that I am almost %100 sure that it is possible to work as you are getting enough carbohydrates (through sugar), but I am really not sure that somebody would be able to be that disciplined and for the week not to eat anything else. But if you could, I think that this will not only help you to lose the weight, but also to make perfect detox of your body.

You might not take my advices and you will probably search through internet little bit more before you decide which diet to take. But, I prefer you to do it. That way you will find the one that is most suitable for you.

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These are some general frame so you know the basic differences between types. So take as much as needed to find the diet that is right for you and will not cause you too much of starving or suffering.

I am sure that you want to lose the weight, but you do not want it to be painful experience.

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