5 Easiest Weight loss Exercises For Women

women weight loss exercises (1)Even if you are noticing very satisfying results of your diet, you still should not forget weight loss exercises for women. The reason is that if you are losing weight in kilograms, does not necessarily means that it will look nice. This is why you need to exercise on daily basis. Thanks to this you’re your body will not only lose weight, but also get the shape that you want. A lot of people get confused as they stop losing or even start gaining the weight after they start exercising. Please do not let this discourage you. Explanation is much simpler than you think and this is it:

Muscles are much harder (dense) tissue.  This is why the weight of the muscles is much higher that the mass of the fat layers. Or even easier – volume ≠ mass.  

So now that we “got I covered”, let’s continue with some practical advices about exercise. The thing is that due to lack of time (sometimes even money) you cannot afford yourself to go to the gym. This is why I will dedicate this article to the very simple exercises that you can do at home or some park if you do not have enough space. What I would say is the easiest e exercises are actually giving the bests results. After all, do you think that gladiators used to have all this fancy gym equipment as we have today?

My Top 5 Weight Loss Exercises

Today all market is bombed by so called weight loss programs and they are using all possible ways to put old style exercises in second plan. Once you try to google anything about weight loss exercise, they tell you what you should not do.

You can also try treadmills for weight loss; recommended by experts .

It appears that almost always the exercises they DO NOT recommend are the old ones and after that they are trying to sell you their programs which are %100 effective, than they offer you satisfaction guarantee and many other ways to simply play with your mind so you start believing that this works.

What always make me wonder is how come that they always name below exercises the ones that give no results. Ok, I will not force anybody, but why don’t you give it a try. If these exercises do not work, you can pay for online programs, DVDs or whatever is on the market. But, I think that is much better to try this for free first rather than to buy the program and after that to struggle to get your money back.

Here are “old fashion” exercises that I always do; they are effective and easy to remember (and also do not require any special equipment) , also try to live on weight loss meal plans for better result:

  • Squats – Very simple exercise that you all heard of. The thing is that if you are not doing it properly you can get pain in your back. So, the most important part is that your back and shoulders are the right position. Your shoulders should not be leaned inside; they should make the angle of 90ᴼ with your spine.Also, your spine should be straight and still – only muscles that you are using are your leg muscles. What I love about this one is that does not make mess and you can even do it while you are watching the TV. Also, even if does not help you burn many calories, this exercise will give the great tonus to your legs. If you want, you can also squeeze your belly muscles and this will help is shaping them;
  • Bulgarian squats (also known as Single leg squat) – Is just modification of the regular squats, but gives even more effects. To do this exercise is easy; you just need to lift one leg up behind you (you can use the chair), cross your arms on your chest and make the squats with the other leg.
  • Push-ups Most of the people would say that this is not for females as it is too hard exercise. What I would say is that this is pretty much calorie burner and unless you are pregnant, still developing or breast feeding mother, please use it. Until you get strength to do real push-ups, you can use easier version which is usually called “knee push-ups”.This version means that your support is on your hands and knees instead on your hands and feet. You just recline on your knees and slightly cross your legs. The rest you do the same as with regular push-ups.
  • Sit ups – This is my favorite one and you have so many versions of it:

You can always do old fashion sit ups by simply putting your cross your arms behind the back and moving up and down your upper part of the body to the “sit position”.

The one that was most effective for me and which does not take too much time is the one that long time ago my aunt showed me while she was training judo and this is how it goes

lay down and you rise your legs just a little bit so your feet are 5 – 20 cm above the ground. You put your arms under your neck and also pull your body 5 – 20 cm above the ground. Most important thing is that your back and your legs are standing straight and still. Stay like that as much as you want (or better say can).

If you are not in good shape, I can tell you that after 5 minutes you will start feeling sharp pain in your belly muscles. Continue to practice this exercise, but after the while do not increase the time of doing it. Only thing that you should increase during the time is the incline of your back / legs from the ground.

Another way (less painful) is to do sit ups by putting your feet on the ground and your knees are bended under 90ᴼ. You do not move your legs anymore, but you are moving your upper part up to half way of sit position. If you want to make it even more effective, split your knees and then lift your upper part to the side (right elbow touching your left knee, and vice versa – left elbow touching your right knee).

  • Lunges – Very easy exercise and many people is considering it as a warming up exercise. The reason why I like is because it makes very good effect to your legs and to your gluteal muscles. You start from standing position and then step forward making the lunge. Keep your back straight. You can also include the arms by holding the dumbbells.

  • Running – Fat burn exercise. Even if many people are trying to say that running is not healthy for your joints, I still find it irreplaceable for the calorie burn. Besides, it is such an energetic exercise which takes your mood to the completely new, higher level.   

I hope that this was useful for you. If you are determined to lose the weight I am sure that you will make

it, just try not to give up. Sincerely, no matter what people say, it is very important how we look, not because how other people see us, but because how we see ourselves.


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