How to Lose Weight Fast At Home without Exercise

You can comfortably lose weight at home by making some adjustments in your diet and your lifestyle. Planning to burn some calories? If yes and you are planning to do it at home, then you are not alone. Some people find exercising for weight loss to be draining, they might also be committed all the time or have health concerns that will not allow exercising.How-to-Lose-Weight-Fast-At-Home-without-Exercise

Practically limiting calorie intake for weight loss is more effective than exercises. Here are some changes you can make at home to lose weight fast:

1. Make diet adjustments to the advantage of weight loss

Start by taking plenty of fluids like the water and other sugar-free fluids. Take at least eight glass of water per day. Water helps you feel fuller and avoid excess intake of food. Calculate your daily calorie intake and find out the calories you can take to help lose weight.

Make a meal schedule to the advantage of weight loss. This will help you stick to your meals avoiding high fat and calorie intake.

Ensure you schedule has a balanced diet. Take plenty of fruit and vegetables which contain vitamins, fiber and minerals. It should also contain whole grains; they contain high fiber content for burning fats. Leaner proteins should also be included to make you full and avoid taking too much food. Do snack in a healthy way take a piece of dark chocolate or nuts each day? Also, consider Syndrex reviews, top weight loss supplements.

2. Get motivated

Weight loss requires your patience. Give your body some time to work on burning the calories; it is not an overnight process. For you to have energy and the mood to continue with your goal to lose weight you need motivation. Motivation will keep you going. You can get motivated by weighing yourself to see your weekly progress. To keep on track, come up with a food journal.

The food journal will help you lose weight fast because you will easily monitor what makes you slim or fat. Talk to family and friends who will support you and help you keep on track. You can also get support from your dietitian or those who are on the same journey as you this is a good way to go. Ever thought of rewarding yourself? This is the best way to get you motivated. Reward yourself or body with something you love, this is after you make significant progress toward your weight loss goals.

3. Increase activity

Weight loss without exercise does not mean you will have just to sit and sleep. You need some activity for good health and weight loss. Do take the stairs at times to help increase activity in your body. You can also join groups which take recreational walks or dancing. Do swim if possible. You can also park a little further and take a walk. Walks are moderate activities which help improve your mood. Being in a god mood will help give you the motivation to perform all activities including weight loss.

4. Get enough sleep

Sleep is important for weight loss. Ensure you take at least 8 hours for sleep which should be undisturbed. Sleeping is part of keeping fit it helps you burn some calories. Make it your routine to sleep early every day. In case you sleep late to ensure you compensate for the lost hours.

By sleeping early, you avoid eating a lot of food. The study shows that people who stay up late have a high tendency of taking foods which contain high amounts of calories. Make your bed a place to be by cleaning it and designing it to your best.

5. Avoid unhealthy habits

You should always choose healthy cooking techniques which avoid the use of much fat, oils, margarine and butter. Put away cooking methods which include deep frying. Consider grilling, roasting, steaming and boiling cooking techniques which use little or no fat thus will hasten weight loss. Season your food with virgin oil which is healthier and can help avoid heart-related conditions and excessive weight. The virgin oil also has properties which will help keep in check the cholesterol level in your blood.

Cut the intake of beverages like the alcohol, coffee, soda, juices and sweetened tea. These beverages contain high amounts of calories which will be parallel to your cholesterol burning goals. Take at most a glass if you must. But if you want to lose weight fast ensure totally ban them.

Most people tend to avoid taking food in the excuse of weight loss. This is a bad habit and will not help in weight loss. When you feel hungry, do take some food and remember to check the calorie and fat intake. Do not starve yourself.


Live a healthy lifestyle to keep fit and avoid unhealthy weight gain. By following the above tips, you will shed the extra pounds without spending a minute at the gym. Nothing changes unless you change your lifestyle.





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