How Floatation tanks for Treating Obesity Work Like a Charm!

While researching the correlation between mental stress and anxiety upon addictive behaviours, scientists observed significant proof that floatation greatly assisted participants in areas beyond smoking, alcohol and other drug abuse. Participants whom also had weight problems also began loosing weight, and reported modifying their diet which assisted in their weight loss.

From this initial observation, further research was conducted focusing more upon obesity itself and floatation, the results of which have become a strong basis for a new field of study and alternative treatment in treating obesity where diet is the contributing factor for weight loss.

Some individuals find it difficult to stick to a regular healthy diet due to a number of reasons, most of which are related to impulse control, self medicating the effects of low level depression, lack of motivation, and excessive mental stress and anxiety. These concurrent with trying to diet can provide a negative barrier which some individuals find difficult to beat in order to achieve their weight loss goals.

During a floatation tank session, an individual is immersed within an environment completely free from external stimuli, all external sound, light, sense of touch and sense of gravity is removed, allowing the body to relax fully and become aware of stressful thoughts and thought patterns normally reserved in their sub-concious. Through recognizing these thought patterns, and proceeding to understand they exist and gaining the ability to choose not to think about them, leads to an experience which produces a strong sense of relaxation, mental peace, release of physical stress and lasting feeling of euphoria.

While these effects are experienced by the majority of floatation tank participants, it has been shown extremely beneficial in individuals struggling to maintain the motivation, focus and determination required to stick to a specific weight loss diet, allowing them greater control over recognising and dismissing their impulses to eat high fat or high sugar foods, and therefore stick to a specific diet and achieve their weight loss goals.

In addition to greatly improving mental control, floatation tank use also assists in a number of ways physiologically in exercise recovery, athletic performance and reduction of cortisol and blood pressure, further benefiting an individual who is undertaking a personal training regime along with diet modification.

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