Healthy & Simple Weight Loss Meal Plan for Women

If you are planning to lose the weight, proper nutrition is one of most important factors to lose weight. No matter how hard you exercise for weight loss, if your meal plans are not balanced you will not be able to lose any weight. So please be very careful with what you eat. Even after you lose weight try to keep up with this style as lost weight can always return.

weight loss meal plan for women

Ok, now let’s try to explain first how your body works and what the main groups of the nutrition are:

  1. Proteins are nothing more but polymers (molecule chains) of amino acids connected by peptide bounds. They are the ones that are mostly creating your body, and rarely can be used as a fuel. This kind of nutrition is mostly needed while you are growing and later in your life is still necessary, but less. Amino acids essential for humans can be generated by your own body or need to be taken with the food. Even if many of nutritionists are recommending proteins diets, I would just remind you that each gram of protein contains 4 kcal which is the same as carbohydrates.
  2. Now when we mentioned carbohydrates and their energy value, let me explain their biochemical meaning. Carbohydrates or saccharides include sugars, cellulose and amylum. This is nutrition that gives you energy and which you are wasting while having any kind of activity.
  3. The 3rd ones are lipids or simply fats. This is something that you should avoid as much as possible as they have approximately 9Kcal per gram and they are the main causes of getting weigh.

So, now as we explained about what each category is in charged for, we can start making some meal plans:

  • You are grown woman and you do not need that much of protein anymore. Despite the common opinion, you CAN have too much of protein. You still need to use it as amino acids are essential for healthy life and you also do not want to lose your muscles, but please do not exaggerate with their intake.Most of the doctors would agree that 2 grams per each Kg of body mass is enough for perfect functioning of your organism.Proteins can be found in red meat, but I would strongly recommend you to get it from fish and nuts. The reason why I am saying this is because here you are safe that you will not intake the fat as well (which is usually part of every red meat). Also, my favorite protein is the one that comes from mushrooms, they are not that rich with protein content, but still have good amount. Eggs are also very rich with proteins, but maybe you should eat only egg white because does not contain cholesterol. High level of protein is also noticed in beans, especially in garbanzo bean. Also you can find it dairy products and tofu.
  • As stated above, Carbohydrates are body fuel. Intake of carbohydrates depends of your physical / intellectual / emotional activity. Not only that physical activity, but also intellectual work and / or stress can cause to waste your fuel. So even if many people would say that this causes extra weight, this is not correct.Carbohydrates are stored as your “overweight“ only if their intake is higher that usage for the longer period of time. So in order to make perfect balance, you can make meal plan of current day according to your activity of previous day and you will not make a mistake. For example, why you would not afford yourself a chocolate bar yesterday you were in the gym for 2 hours. Why you would by protein bar as instead as they have same amount of calories.
  • Lipids – this is something that you really need to stay away from if you are trying to lose the weight. As less you eat more weight you will lose.

When we say “meal plan” we actually refer to both – what you eat and what you drink. As mentioned in one of the previous articles, you need to pay attention on combining what you eat with what you drink. All kind of sugars (saccharides) can be found in drinks so please be careful what you drink. Natural sugar is found in milk, fruits and most of the vegetables so homemade shakes can make you a perfect (and delicious) energy drinks.

As you read so many times, try to have as much water as possible during the day. If your urine system is working fine, there is no doctor that will tell you that this can cause you any harm as this is something that everybody agrees even if you have perfect weight. The reason is that water has no smell, no calories, not even color and it is harmless to anybody besides, due to urine tract and your skin allows your body to clean itself and to dispose all of the dangerous material from your body.

There are many diets that can be found online for losing the diet, but you should also keep in mind that each body is different and that you need to be careful before taking any of them.

My high recommendation is to ask you nutritionist if this is good for you. Also, even if you get a green light, please follow your health for first week of your diet in order to avoid damages.

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